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Thomas E. (Ted) Johnson

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Collector Cars for the Connoisseur

Milestone Motorcars was formed in 2010 and incorporated in the State of Florida the following year. Milestone grew out of a life-long passion I have had for high performance sporting machinery. It was nurtured early on in my career when, in 1967, I was fortunate to have gained a position, while in Engineering school, at the then US importer for Ferrari Automobiles, Luigi Chinetti Motors in my home town of Greenwich, CT. I literally started at the bottom, cleaning cars and chasing parts. Years later when the company was dissolved I had held just about every position, from mechanic to sales manager. I have maintained my relationship with Ferrari for the intervening thirty-five years. I have broadened my field of interest to encompass just about every make of finely engineered vehicle and have done just about everything you can do with a car, I’ve sold hundreds of different vehicles, restored them, raced them, shown them and enjoyed the vehicles and the interesting people who have a like interest.


After retiring from a career in International Trade, I wanted to indulge my passion full time. From the outset, my interest was to have a platform to facilitate adventures with my own cars and to be a source of guidance, aid and information to the many collectors and enthusiasts who are my friends in this hobby. One of the assets I possess is an extensive library that I have accumulated over the years encompassing many aspects of the automotive universe. I also maintain an extensive database of several thousand historically significant automobiles with many street and competition Ferraris and Maseratis and other historically significant vehicles. This archive and the experience I have gained over the years, I gladly share with other enthusiasts.


As a practical matter, this makes Milestone, as I have positioned it, a resource for the serious collector.


I am happy to share what I have learned with the serious collector and enthusiast. It is my passion to pass on the experience and information I have collected during a lifetime playing with cars.