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Collector Cars for the Connoisseur

Hugh Angle

At the age of 5, in the UK where I grew up, barely able to reach the peddles, with my father sitting next to me, I drove our 1972 MGB up and down the drive, even managing second gear for a moment! I was later dropped into a 40 mph Go-Kart at the age of 8 (with lies of me being 12) only to drive head on into a wall! From there it was plain sailing and on to driving many historic automobiles on and off racing circuits and eventually finding a seat in a GT3 Morgan. Ultimately becoming an instructor at Silverstone F1 circuit in the UK for half a decade. 


My father, after exhausting his desire to own fast 911 Porsche’s, purchased his first V8 ‘Oscar India’ Aston Martin in 1987. I recall being able to lie down in the back seats, all of 3 feet of it! From there he went on to have a small but superb collection from an Iso A3C, a Cooper Climax T39 ‘Bob Tail’, a Chevron B16 and Lotus Cortina MK1 through to his Aston’s that ranged from a DB4 Lightweight race car and a concours condition DB5 to V8 Vantage Zagato which I dearly​miss! Today he thunders around the English countryside in a

Chaterham 420 R, as only a true enthusiast would at his age!

Needless to say, I was infected with the automotive bug. It was always clear to me that having been brought up at racing circuits and around many people with such fine collectible machinery, that I loved every moment of it! I even had a fleet of model cars around my bedroom to admire as a kid. I purchased my first proper car in 2008, a 1988 Porsche 930 Turbo. A superbly fast, turbo lagged engine, it served me well, despite a head stud letting go and costing me a small fortune to have the top of the engine rebuilt. But that is all part of the course with older machines. They’re not perfect but they are charming and romantic. We learn to love their imperfections as we do their perfections. It is a love affair that flows through the blood of all enthusiasts and one that is hard to dis-infect! 


Having worked in both Europe and USA, I have built up a contact list for connecting clients with each other to help facilitate the purchase and sale of all levels of collectible automobiles. If I can’t help due to geographic location, I also maintain a reliable list in order to advise on who to contact for servicing, restoring or logistical questions. I have formed good relationships with people from the UK to the Middle East and as far reached as the Far East and Australia. I continue to strive to meet client expectations with upmost integrity and reliable, consistent honest advice and customer service. 


Having joined Milestone to build the sales business, it would be my pleasure to hear from anyone who wishes to explore a mutual love affair for all things automotive, especially classic and collectible sporting cars.